Making a Will the environmentally friendly way

January 24, 2017

Making a Will the environmentally friendly way

The Paperwork People are convinced that the only way to make a Will is to meet with a qualified advisor and talk through your wishes and concerns and what you would like to achieve in your Will.

Only then can you be sure that the Will drafted for you has been prepared for your particular circumstances and meets your requirements.

Taking time off work is a waste of your holidays and you can’t always get to us. Us travelling to you also adds to the carbon footprint of making a Will - as well as the costs to you.

So we’ve had an idea. We will contact you, sending you a link either either by Skype, or special software so we can still have the face to face meeting without you having to travel to us - or us having to travel to you. Genius.

All you need is a computer with internet access with a video camera, loudspeaker and microphone. Most laptop computers and smartphones have these already built in. So no special software is needed.

We will email a link for you to connect over a secure connection, at an agreed time, to one of our virtual meeting rooms. There one of our qualified consultants will be waiting for you to guide you through the Will making process in exactly the same way as if you were sitting in one of our offices, or if we were sitting in your lounge.

After the meeting we will produce your Will, which we will send to you by email for approval and to give you time to reflect on its and make any changes you would like.  When you are happy we will send you the Will ready for you to sign it.

We will then set up another meeting with you in our virtual meeting room to explain your Will to make sure it is as you want it to be and to supervise the signing process - again in exactly the same way as if you were sitting in one of our offices or in your home.

Here’s the best bit- all of our fees are reduced by 10% for all services transacted through a virtual meeting.

Contact us

If you would like to make your will this way, please call us on 01656 788922 or email us at to set up a meeting with your preferred date and time to meet in our virtual meeting room and we will send you the necessary link.