The Paperwork People is a company set up by Sue Saines who realised there was a need in the local community for a different approach in the provision of services for Wills, Powers of Attorney, Estate Administration support and that the local community, particularly the older population, needed a place to go to help them solve day to day problems. The Paperwork People is that place, because that's just what they do. Life's paperwork.  

Sue's Story                                                                                                                     

“I used to be a solicitor and realised that many people felt intimidated coming into a traditional law firm partly because they thought they could not afford the fees but often because they felt uncomfortable with the formality.  Many didn't need a lawyer, but just a bit of guidance and support to help them solve their own problem. So, wanting to put something back into my local community I left the legal world to set up the company to plug the gap in the market. I took the many years of experience and knowledge I gained during my working life and put it under one roof.  I like to call it a "Help Hub". My approach is informal and friendly and people can call in for a chat about their particular problem before it actually costs them any money. 

I am also very proud to be a Fellow of the Institute of Professional Willwriters a self regulatory organisation constantly driving up standards, ethics and competency in the Willwriting market. 

We work with other like minded people and sign post our clients to professionals such as accountants, financial advisers, HR specialists and even a divorce consultant who think like us and help their clients plan their lives, protect their family, assets and businesses and prevent problems from arising in the first place.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

It’s a bit like a one stop shop and our clients are telling us they really like the way we do things and our service is just what they have been looking for”