Care Homes and the Assessment procedure

We understand that placing someone into a care home is a stressful and difficult time and the complex system of assessment can seem daunting. We believe the best time to take advice and guidance is before you are placed into the care system, whether it is Continuing Healthcare paid for by the NHS, nursing care, residential care or a combination of nursing and residential care.

The difference between Social Care and Continuing Healthcare

Depending on which category you fall under will depend on who pays and it is critical to understand the difference between social care and continuing healthcare. We've been through it personally and all of our our guidance is based on this experience and the information we have found from government websites and other agencies. We can help you make sense of it, but it cannot be taken or relied upon as legal advice, just general information and guidance around the broad subject of care funding. 

Our Assessment Support Service

Our Assessment support service is designed to help you understand the different criteria used when assessing social care needs and continuing healthcare needs and to prepare you for the assessment process so that you get the best outcome for the person in need. It will help you decide if you need to take legal advice

Whilst each person will have different objectives and needs, our aim is to provide you with enough information so you are able to understand what continuing healthcare is, how to apply for it, how to interpret the criteria and how to prepare for the multi-disciplinary meeting you will need to attend. We will also help you ensure that care records are recorded accurately and with sufficient detail to ensure you know what the National Framework Document and the Decision Support Tool used as part of the assessment, looks like and that they accurately reflects the person’s care needs.

If don’t put accurate information into the assessment, you are unlikely to get the correct outcome.

We customise our service to suit your needs and it may by telephone, or by Skype or in person and include one or all of the following areas;

  • Explaining the different stages and levels of assessment and funding and who pays for what and who should be involved ( Checklist, Full Assessment and Fast Track, NHS,  Local Authority or person)
  • Accompanying you to the assessment and care meetings in support or as your advocate
  • Reviewing the Checklist, Decision Support Tool (DST) with the family to ensure accuracy
  • Assisting the family to appeal a decision made by the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) 
  • Helping you understand the documentation you will be presented with throughput the process including a Care Home contract, Third Party top up contract and other funding.
  • How your assest are assessed if you are a self funder.


Our charges are based on an hourly rate and we agree the number of hours required at each stage before we commence any work for you. It’s transparent and you are in control of the costs at each stage.